Les géants
(The Giants)
Los gigantes
Bélgica, 2011, 84 minutos, drama

Director / Director: Bouli Lanners
Guión / Script: Bouli Anders, Elise Ancion
Fotografía / Photography: Jean-Paul de Zaetjd
Edición / Editing: Wewin Ryckaert
Compañía productora / Production company: Versus Production
Música/Music: The Bony King of Nowhere
Interpretes/Players:Paul Bartel, Zacharie Chasseriaud, Marthe Keller, Karim Laklou, Martin Nissen.

Como cada verano, Zak y Seth (de 14 y 13 años de edad, respectivamente) ven cómo su madre, una persona ausente que está cada vez más en su propio mundo, los deja solos y sin dinero en la casa de campo familiar. Allí, sin embargo, conocerán a Danny, un adolescente espabilado del barrio que les hará vivir una experiencia trepidante y peligrosa.

It’s summertime; Zak and Seth find themselves dead broke and ditched by their absentee mother in the family’s cottage. Just like every holiday, they’ve resigned themselves to another shitty summer. But things change this year, when they meet Danny, a local teenager. Together, with life at their fingertips, they begin the great perilous journey of their lives.

Premio C.I.C.A.E. y Premio SACD, Festival de Cannes, Quinzena de los Realizadores, Cinco Premios Magritte de la Academia André Delvaux de Bélgica incluyendo Mejor Película y Mejor Director, 2012/ C.I.C.A.E. Award and SACD Award, Cannes Film Festival, Directors’ Fortnight, 2011, Five Magritte Awards from the André Delvaux Academy of Belgium including Best Film and Best Director, 2012.

Philippe “Bouli” Lanners (born 20 May 1965 in Moresnet-Chapelle, in the Redeemed Cantons near Liège, Belgium) is a Belgian actor, author and film director. Bouli Lanners was born in Belgium in 1965. A painter and self-taught filmmaker, he worked in every capacity and trade on film shoots before finding fame on Canal+ Belgique with Les Snuls.

Since then, he has directed films and appeared as an actor in Belgian and French productions: Les convoyeurs attendent, Petites misères, Aaltra, Bunker Paradise, Enfermés dehors, Quand la mer monte, Un long dimanche de fiançailles, Cow-Boy, Astérix aux jeux olympiques, J’ai toujours rêvé d’être un gangster, Eldorado, Louise-Michel, Le Vilain, Mammuth, Rien à déclarer… He will shortly be seen in the next adventures of Astérix and Obélix : God save Britannia and in Jalil Lespert’s Des vents contraires.

In 1999, he wrote and directed Travellinckx, a road movie in black and white super 8, which did a world tour of film festivals. Two years later, the short film Muno confirmed his unusual style and was selected for the Directors’ Fortnight.

In 2005, he made his first feature film, Ultranova, a prize winner at the Berlin Festival: a tender and ironic portrait of a group of losers and a quirky view of his native Wallonia.

His second feature, Eldorado, was selected for the Directors’ Fortnight in 2008 where it picked up three awards. This funny and moving road movie, in which he plays the main role, was a popular success on its theatrical release in Belgium and France. This year,

Bouli’s third feature, The Giants, will be presented at the Directors’ Fortnight’s Closing Night Gala. Bouli is currently writing his fourth feature, entitled Tenderville.